Life’s Greatest Moments Start in a pickle

From the first crunch to the last, in a pickle Original starts out sweet and ends with a spicy splendiferous finale! Right out of the jar or as the “secret ingredient” in tasty recipes, in a pickle will leave your taste buds zinging and your mouth singing for more.
With this pickled perfection bottled in eco-friendly packaging, the sweet and spicy symphony of flavors creates… a pickle perfect love affair.

Begin a Pickle Perfect Love Affair

From salads and sliders to drinks and dips, in a pickle is the perfect “secret” ingredient. But don’t keep it to yourself! Share the pickle party love with friends and family because life’s greatest moments start in a pickle.
Do you have a delectable in a pickle dish to add to our collection? Submit your recipe for consideration.

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  • So far the Hummus and Hashwa (sp?) has been our favorite!!
  • Had the BBQ Sandwich - It was the BEST SANDWICH I EVER ATE!!!
  • We LOVE these pickles! Crunchy, sweet, then a little heat - They're perfect!! Thanks Karen!
  • If you haven't tried them between two lays potato chips you are really missing out!!! The sweet with the spicy plus the salt is great!
  • Check out In a Pickle Pickles from Fort Worth Texas! They are killer good, sweet and spicy!
  • Greg and I met James at the Fair this summer. He shared your story and I was totally inspired. Not only were the pickles perfect, but your story and fortitude should give every one courage.....to know, you can make lemonade out of lemons and pickles out of cucumbers. Life has difficult challenges that can turn into gold. It's a matter of how you look at the challenges and how you face them. Love your pickles....and your story! The label is so creative. Congrats to you!
  • .....6 shiny new bottles of pickles arrived on my porch today, .yay!
  • MMMMM, made my man an Sandwich of In a Pickle and Ham! Sliced some fresh sourdough from Central Market, sliced some cheddar cheese and ham...put some olive oil and butter on the bottom of the pan and grilled a slice of the bread topped with cheese, ham, cheese and IN A PICKLE...put another bread slice, grilled the other side....till toasty! It was pickleicious! Thanks In a Pickle!
  • Your wonderful pickles just ROCKED my egg salad. Love 'em!!!
  • I bought two jars at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and they are SPLENDIFEROUS!! I have almost finished one jar already since Saturday. I just eat them right out of the jar with a fork! ADDICTING!!!!

Where to Find in a pickle

Pining for pickles? Before your incorrigible cravings make you crazy, be sure to fill your shelves and please your palate with perfectly packed in a pickle goodness. Available by the jar or by the case, you can find sweet and spicy in a pickle products stocked at specialty stores around the country, seasonally at local farmers markets, and available online 24 hours a day.

Ready to make your recipes pop or to be given as a thoughtful, tasteful present, in a pickle is an essential staple in any pantry or gift basket. Made with the freshest cucumbers and spiciest spices, in a pickle Sweet and Spicy Pickle Chips are hand packed and labeled with eco-friendly, easy-to-recycle packaging.

Contact Us

To learn more about in a pickle foods or to get your hands on the splendiferously different sweet and spicy pickles, contact us or call 817-584-5835.

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